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Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness

Innate characteristics of the water – buoyance, resistance, turbulence, hydrostatic pressure makes the water a unique environment for exercise. Aquatic Exercise can be performed in shallow (more common) or deep water in a vertical position.

Aquatic Fitness is an alternative to land-based programs for individuals of all ages and body types– athletes, health and fitness conscious people, rehabilitation patients or athletes, pre and post-natal, people looking for different types of activities, people unable to exercise with land-based activities, due to injuries or health condition (arthritis, stenosis, etc.)

Water is 800 times denser than air so it is an optimal environment to provide full body resistance and high levels of energy expenditure with little strain on joints, bones and muscles in the body.

Benefits of exercising in the water:

It’s low impact – less strain in joints and muscles, low muscle soreness

Reduced body weight – reduces impact and improves flexibility

It’s a full body “weight training” machine by creating resistance all around the body and in all directions of movement

Helps with blood circulation and venous return (blood flow back to the heart)

Accelerates injury rehabilitation

Maintains fitness levels during injury

Increases range of motion and improved joint mobility

The heart rate is lower without losing any cardio vascular or aerobic training effects – that causes less strain on the heart while exercising

Great energy expenditure because there are always several muscles groups exercising at the same time and also because the stabilizer muscles of the body need to be active in order to maintain the vertical position