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Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness

There is always a better way to train; There is always something we have not yet learned; There is always another level to attain

Peter Twist

This latest approach to exercise is so new that most people (including coaches, physiotherapists and manual therapists) are still wondering what to make of it.

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What is Fascia?

Fascia is everywhere and gives the human body its form. It behaves like a wrap around our organs and muscles as connective tissues that support, bind and separate other tissues and organs in the human body.

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Why is important to train Fascia?

A healthy fascial system is important to improve function (walking, sitting, standing, all the daily activities) improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. This type of training is able to challenge top athletes as well as train efficiently sedentary clients, special populations and weekend “warriors”.

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How do we train Fascia?

Fascia training focuses on developing function and training movements, not isolated muscles. The training is focused from the inside/out, improving balance, stability and core strength to build up the movement patterns. Quoting Peter Twist – “Exercise is kinder where it needs to be (joints and skeletal system) while harder where it should be (muscles, fascia, heart and lungs)”