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Physical Fitness is the first pre-requisite to happiness

Joseph Pilates

Pilates states the body moves as a “Box” with 5 attachments, 2 legs, 2 arms and 1 head.

If the Box is strong, stable and flexible , we will move better and relate to our environment more efficiently.

Pilates is founded on Six Fundamental Principles of Exercise: Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow and Precision.

These principles are fundamental to the Pilates Practice because without them the Practice has no added benefits than any other type of physical activity.

In this Modern Age of Inactivity, Pilates is one type of exercise that suits all fitness levels from weekend warriors to top athletes.

Pilates can help you to

Recover from injuries

Fix muscle imbalances due to bad posture or bad living

Build Core Strength and Back Stability

Define Abdominals

Reduce Back Pain and Headaches

Improve Flexibility, Mobility, Balance and Body Awarness

Improve Well Being

Be the perfect Recovery Training for athletes

Improve posture

The Perfect complement for extreme endurance activities

Improve the overall mechanics of the human body when moving, seating or standing

Achieve a complete body, mind, spirit well being

After a Pilates class every student should feel Reinvigorated