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Welcome to the Online Studio

Join me on Fun, Simple and Efficient Movement Sessions, anytime, anywhere!

Movement by Margarida

Movement by Margarida

Looking for the perfect workout at home? Strengthen your core , improve your posture and lose weight with free access to our Movementbymf Classes

Free access to these classes

Pilates – Strength and Flexibility with Control, moving from the center of the body

Core Strengthening – Strength for the torso, a “box” where 5 attachments are fixed – arms, legs and head

Movement Flow – Strength and Flexibility by training movements instead of isolated muscles

Body healing Programs

6 weeks programs designed to address a specified issue and found a solution

The Programs include:

6 Personalized Training Sessions

12 Workout Pre record sessions (20 minutes each) – the Homework

2 weekly follow ups on the progressions

6 Newsletters

Programs Available

How to deal with Lower Back Pain

Improve movement efficiency in walking and running

Build up Core Strength