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Movement Philosophy

``Movement should be a successful experience and an opportunity to learn something new.``

Her Training Methods

Improves the Quality of Your Life

Makes you Feel Great

Evolves your body

Teaches you Mindful Movement

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My Philosophy

With our sedentary daily lifestyle, movement has literally
taken a back seat. We have to integrate activity into our 24
hours to avoid the physical and mental health problems
we definitely will have as we grow older.

Remember this: The human body is designed to move.

By understanding this simple concept, we can realize how
much damage we are doing to ourselves in our modern world
of sitting all the time. Get out of that chair right now
and let’s celebrate our body movement!

about us

My Training Method

Strength is nothing without flexibility and mobility. There is no glory in having a great body without the freedom of movement to carry our daily activities.

True health and fitness comes from being able to move your body in all range of motion and in all directions, to be quick and reactive when needed, maintaining balance in response to challenges, to keep doing what makes you happy, independant of your age.

At 50 I feel better and workout harder and better now than 20 or 30 years ago. Age should never be a factor to stop or slow you down. I am living proof that age is not just a number but a welcome challenge improve the quality of training and movement patterns.

I want to teach people to move with purpose and improve the quality of life, look great, and achieve the best version of ourselves physical, mentally and spiritually. With my extended and varied academic and technical training and experience, I integrate several influences in my training sessions according to your needs.

MOVEMENT By MF is about Real Movement for Real People!

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